zaterdag 25 januari 2014

My innocent addiction

It´s a bit risky to put the word addiction in the title of a blog but I have the opinion that things should be called by their actual name. Besides, the title also contains the word innocent, even if it is a bit subjective, but I assure you this addiction is harmless.
It is about my passion for linens. Even if I would want, I cannot kick the habit of collecting. As a matter of fact, this addiction is genetically determined.

My grandmother´s legacy consisted of a room high cabinet, stuffed with towels, tea towels, washcloths, napkins, tablecloths, sheets – and after we had divided the first layer between us, there appeared a second, equal layer behind it.

Look, nobody needs an excuse for collecting towels, one has to shower. The same goes for sheets and duvet covers, you won´t survive without sleep.

Every cook knows that a great dinner starts with a great laid table, so I can explain away my extravagant amount of tablecloths. A table runner protects your table, so you´d better have them in stock, just like placemats. When you choose the colors caefully, you´ll be able to make beautiful combinations, especially if you suffer from a tableware tic as well (but I´ll write about that some other time).
Napkins can be used as placemats. The paper version – that I´m not able to resist either – can serve not only as napkin, but also as a table mat for potpourri or something.

Curtains are necessary to isolate the windows. We should care about the environment after all. There´s no better thing than adjusting the interior of your home to the season twice a year, so it´s a necessity of life to have curtains, pillow cases and grand foulards in summer- and wintercolors.

But what excuse can I think of to explain my huge collection of tea clothes in the most lovely colors and designs, considering I have a dishwasher? Well, my knives should be washed up manually. And when conserving vegetables, the jars need to be put away clean. So you see I simply need all those linens.

And....Umbria happens to home one of the best fabric manufacturers. Tessitura Pardi, from Bastardo, with stores (among others) in Montefalco, Todi, Perugia and Spello. From napkins to bedspreads, in the most splendid colors and designs and in utmost quality. I am the happy owner of some of their pieces, and to be honest: put Pardi on your table and dinner almost cooks itself.
Who wants to learn more: with just one warning, you will become very greedy!

The only thing is... I hate ironing...... 

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