zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Change of seasons and the change of mood

I will take the risk that you all think I am a freak, because I myself think this is a good idea and I like to share. I believe everybody feels the need to change now and then. And given the fact that weather and seasons always change, why not use the opportunity? 

Of course I would not think of encouraging anyone to buy new furniture twice a year. But when spring and summer come, wouldn´t you like to see the light and bright colors in your home too? And arriving autumn and winter, I can´t imagine anyone would reject the warm feeling you get from terra and brown colors that will make your home a cosy place to survive the cold.

Let me show you how easily you can adapt your interior to the seasons outside without being ruined at once. Let´s start with the poutpourri we made a few weeks ago. If you have chosen te colors carefully, you could use the lavender and rose in spring and summertime, for they will have faded to a quiet pastel color. Put them on a light colored plate, a simple white one will be beautiful. Add a (scented) candle in a matching color and a matching decorated napkin and it will look very nice.

Comes autumn, use the calendula, change the plate for a darker one, change the napkin and the candle and it will be a completely different view, practically for free.

The same cheap solution can be used for stylish decorations with a small wooden box. In spring and summer fill it with some glass ornaments – or take a nicely shaped glass from your cupboard – , a light napkin and/or candle and ready it is. In autumn and winter you simple change the candle and napkin. I like incense, so when I buy it anyway, I choose the boxes in maching colors. There are many possibilities.

The more serious stuff I create by changing table ornaments. I use my own crockery for it, but maybe you have some nice pottery in your garden. Just try to make combinations. This is a little more expensive, but you can use it a few years after another. Because you change them twice a year, there´s less chance that yo will get tired of them.

I know it´s easy for me, because I own that hilarious amount of linens and crockery, but it is worth collecting towels and ornaments in sales or on markets.

Finally, I create the seasons atmosphere by changing my curtains, cushions and table runners. Of course this is the most expensive part of it, but you don´t have to change the cushions completely, just change the pillow cases. The curtains you can achieve on markets where they are cheaper or make your own if you have more skills than I have.

And after that..depending on the season, you only have to curl up in front of a wood fire with a glass of red wine, or relax at your spring-table with a cold white wine.  

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