zaterdag 25 januari 2014


Nobody would call my way of making my own candles artisan, and I assure you I don´t pretend. If you want to make candles the traditional way, there will be a lot of directions on the internet. They will certainly be more beautiful than mine.

It´s just a way of saving time and money. Besides, it will keep you from roaming the streets.
Take your time and don´t try this when your mother in law is going to pay you a visit, because your kitchen will be a mess and really will need a cleaning afterwards.

This is not a season bound activity, you can try it whenever you feel like it so you can start collecting the necessities from now.

You need:
Remains of candles
Candle wicks (you can get them online)
Molds, but instead of buying expensive ones, you can use empty cans, small glasses (heatproof), empty egg boxes (take plastic, those from cardboard don´t serve), empty tea light cups, whatever.
A pan
A wooden spoon
Baking paper

I sort the remains of the candles by color, but you could try to mix some, adding white candles will provide a pretty pastel effect.

Put the candle remains in a pan an put it on a very low fire to melt.
In the mean time, prepare the candlewicks by cutting pieces at the same length as the mold you´re using. Stick a toothpick through them so you can make it balance on the edge of the mold.

Put the molds on a piece of baking paper, it may save you a lot of work later. When the candle wax has melted, remove old wicks and dirt with the spoon. Then carefuly pour it into the mold, holding the toothpick. Let the candles harden, it does not take very long. The remove the toothpick.

Scented candles:
Add some scented oil to the liquid before pouring it into the molds. Don´t use too much, a few drops will do. I used rose oil and lavender oil. Click here for the way to make them. 
Add a little cinnamon to the liquid if you aleady planned to make brown candles. You can´t do that with light colors, because it is hard to mix it properly and in that case the cinnamon will leave brown spots.
A very nice effect you can reach by coating the mold with slices of dried fruits like apple or orange. I normally don´t because somehow, they always catch fire at my place, but maybe you are more careful.  

To remove spilled wax:
Put a paper towel on the wax and gently press it with a not too hot iron. Repeat until it´s all gone.
To clean the pan and the spoon, remove as many reamins as you are able to and then use abundant, really hot water and a detergent. Make sure the water is really hot in order to prevent your drain from blocking. Don´t throw it in the toilet, it won´t flush anymore. But everyone can make a mistake.

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