zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Bring it to the table

Fortunately I already told you about my second folly so this can´t come as a surprise. My cupboards (and any place else I can stuff away things) are loaded with tableware. I don´t know if this also is a genetical disorder, my grandmother – the one with all the linens – did not suffer from this one. But at least one aunt does, so maybe it is a family secret.

It don´t think I am to blame completely, because with all the tablecloths I own, it´s hard to escape from getting matching plates. Besides, everyone knows that, for example, an orange dish tastes awful from a red plate. One simply has to accept the inevitable.

And all my crockery has its own history or little legend. That is definitely the best part. My daily plates don´t of course, but it´s funny that they were originally meant for dinners al fresco outside or in the gardenhouse. This means I have to buy new for that purpose. Life is hard.

The brown stuff I really like, for they make autumn meals a pleasure. I bought my first piece at a fair, for the salesman said they were suitable for gas as well. They are not. I found out the first time I used it. They got scorched, my kitchen was full of smoke and if I tell you how it smelled, you will get Chinese take away food for the rest of your life.

I like the mugs very much. My sister saw them somewhere so I asked her to get me six and I was going to pick them up and pay her back and thank you. On my way to her place, I saw two matching bowls, so I used the money for those and had to return the week after to give my sister her share.

My aunt (the one that shares this idiocy) gave my the blue bowls for my birthday. They match the tablerunners I was given by my dearest Italian friends exactly. The two dutch antique jars are a present from my neighbor so, indeed, it´s something old, something new and something blue. If I need more, the borrowed thing will be the money.

My all time favorite is the olive set. I saw them in Belgium, bought six plates and two bowls and found out it was rather stupid to buy things like that abroad. You can´t easily get something new when it breaks. Fortunately, I had very dear friends and we visited each other on a regular basis and they helped me to complete the set. I am really very fond of my olive stuff to lay a party table with.

Only the large bowls I bought in Deruta, Umbria, which is the most famous centre of maiolica. It´s practically all hand-made. You name it, they provide it. I think you could even find a maiolica elephant. I wanted one large bowl and went to one of the thousand stores. I ended up with three, but I still think that was a major achievement, for I left all the rest. It was amazing.

The tomato decorated crockery I discovered in a supermarket in Trevi, Umbria. It was the time for canning tomatoes, but from selling tomatoes only there won´t be much profit. So the supermarket sold yars, bottles, grinders, placemats (yes I did) and this tablewear. I could not resist. It looks so lovely on a white tablecloth – but only before dinner. When you fill up the bowls, you don´t see the decoration anymore. But the feeling you get when you look at the table´s worth it.

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