zaterdag 25 januari 2014

My top 10

I would have like to form a top 2000 like the Dutch Radio does, but I have to face the fact that though I (mostly) like my life, it´s not that interesting. So I´ll stick to a top 10 of those things that made my 2012 worth remembering.

10. My pool in Holland. I´ve been there far too little, so it´s in this list to convince the Gods of all Weather that we should really get a summer in 2013.

9. Searching for asparagus in the Umbrian woods. The most memorable aspect was that I succeeded in finding 10 (!!) and met a viper.

8. Starting a blog and a facebook page called la Vita di Monteolivo.

7. My veggie and herb garden. I had to start it all over again, thanks to the snow in winter, but it did a marvellous job.

6. The pleasure of making my own wine.

5. Cooking, baking and inventing new recipes. Days like these I call La giornata della Nonna. 

4. Becoming a guest writer for Discovering Umbria and Thinking Nomads. Click on the links to read my articles. I hope to write a lot more in 2013.

3. The too short and very hot summer in Umbria. The memory only hurts me every day.

2. Picking olives in Umbria. I certainly hope my friends will invite me again in 2013. 

1. Pio. No comment needed.

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