zaterdag 25 januari 2014

Monteolivo tea

I had planned this new project for some time, to use the herbs and flowers from my garden in a diffenrent way. I did not have to renew last year´s potpourri for it is still beautiful.

My co-workers happen to drink what I call spacey tea with an unidentifiable taste, an unidentifiable smell and if I only look at the colour.... but hey, limoncello is yellow too so I can live with that. The very idea of biological tea appeals to me as long as I am certain that it is really natural and not grown at a 3 m. distance from a highway.

It was fun collecting the flowers and herbs and so was drying them. To distinct one leaf from the other I dried them in two phases, as soon as the first dose was dry enough I added a second one. Of course it took a little trouble to keep Pio from sleepin on them or sliding the whole bunch to the floor, but all went well and after about three weeks everything had dried out.

The most difficult thing was to invent matching tastes. When I decided on the first two, apple – mint and rosehips – fennel, the others were found automatically.

Chopping and grinding took some time, but the smell in my kitchen was ever so delicious.

I had already designed small labels in order to attach them to – guess what – biological thread, so once the bags were filled, all went fast.

A problem seems to tell the different tastes apart. Next time I will use either coloured paper or different labels.

This time I solved it by a home made box, dividers and labels on the front.

I´ll make it through fall I think.

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